Roadwork is set for School and DeFashion Streets

By Ed Harris
Town officials are preparing to address the issues on School and DeFashion Streets as they prepare to repair the nearby Old Mountain Bridge.
The road repair work is slated to take place this summer.
“The whole area needs some rehabilitation,” said Town Manager Garry Brumback.
Brumback and other town officials held a meeting with nearby residents la few weeks ago and went over the plans for the area.
Brumback said there are plans for another meeting later this month.
Brumback said the repair work on the Old Mountain Bridge, on Old Mountain Road, will likely take place next spring.
In the meantime, the town is prepping School and DeFashion Streets to handle the extra traffic.
The road repair work includes addressing the ledge on School Street, addressing drainage and site lines on DeFashion Street and paving both roads.
At the suggestion of residents, Brumback said he will ask Wolcott officials if they can start detouring traffic at the top of the hill, before it gets to the area.
“If we can do that, it’d be great,” Brumback said.
Brumback added that there would be an added police presence and more stop signs to slow cars down during the repair work.
Brumback said the repair work on the bridge next year would likely take three months.
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