Apple Harvest Festival is looking for hostesses

The Apple Harvest Committee is looking for Hostesses for the upcoming 46th annual Apple Harvest Festival.  The hostess must be a Southington resident and will be a High School Senior for the upcoming ‘14-‘15 year.  A hostess should be able to interact with the community and have the time it takes to dedicate to the festival.  Volunteering with the festival can be time consuming, but the feeling of helping others and our Town comes with a great sense of accomplishment.
You can pick up the Hostess Application at the Southington High School, Parks and Rec. Dept. or at the festival website at
The objective of the Apple Harvest Hostess is to promote the festival.  By participating in many town events and functions, for months prior to the festival, they are able to “remind” the community that the festival is nearing.  Volunteering their time, smiles and helping hands play a major role.

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