Police department evacuated Sunday due to mortar shell fuse

The Southington Police Department was briefly evacuated Sunday and a portion of Lazy Lane was blocked off after a resident brought a mortar shell fuse to the building.

On Sunday, June 8, a Southington resident went to the police department with an M-86 fuse, which was used in World War II era mortar shells. The fuse was transported to the police department in the rear bed of a pick-up truck.

The resident found the fuse during a home renovation and was it determined that the fuse was a souvenir from a family member’s service in World War II.

“It looks more like a mortar,” said Police Spokesman Sgt. Jeff Dobratz, detailing the fuse. “It’s not like a wick or a fuse.”

Upon learning that the item was in the parking lot, the building was evacuated (with the exception of essential personnel) and a portion of Lazy Lane was blocked off. The Southington Fire Dept. and AMR Ambulance were also staged in the area and the Hartford Bomb Squad was notified.

The fuse was x-rayed by the Hartford Bomb Squad and determined that it was not a hazard. The fuse was removed from the property by the Hartford Bomb Squad for proper disposal.

Regular Police operations within HQ resumed and Lazy Lane was reopened.

Police officials stress, that should anyone encounter a similar situation, leave the item in place, leave the immediate area, do not transport the item and contact the authorities.

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