Turning Earth has submitted plans to come to town

Turning Earth, an organics recycling company headquartered in King of Prussia, Penn., in partnership with Covanta, recently submitted plans to build a new, $20 million state-of the-art organics recycling facility in Southington.
The proposed facility would be the first integrated high solids anaerobic digestion and in-vessel composting facility in the Northeast where it will recycle the municipal and commercial organic waste streams from over 16 municipalities and communities in central Connecticut.
In 2013, the Connecticut State Legislature passed legislation requiring certain businesses that produce large amounts of organic waste – supermarkets, wholesalers, resorts and conference centers to name a few – to recycle such material in order to protect the environment, generate clean energy and create sustainable economic advantages.
“Turning Earth’s desire to invest in our community is great news as we continue to work hard to attract good jobs to Southington and advance our environmental and sustainability goals,” said Town Council Chairman Michael Ricco, in a release. “Turning Earth’s new state-of-the-art organics recycling facility will bring high quality, 21st century, green jobs to Southington; continue to grow our tax base and serve as an important part of the renewable energy production base which we are committed to building in Town.”
If approved, the proposed facility could open in early 2016 and will convert 50,000 tons per year of source separated organics and 25,000 tons per year of leaf, woody and yard waste into a number of valuable resources including 1.4 megawatts of renewable electricity, 40,000 cubic yards of rich, fertile compost and healthy, locally grown food.
The proposed facility would have important and positive impacts on the environment including the carbon dioxide reduction equivalent of taking approximately 9,800 cars off the road and the production of enough renewable electricity to power nearly 10,000 homes.
“We look forward to being a productive, valued and long term member of the Southington community,” said W. Blake Sturcke, head of Corporate Development for Turning Earth, in a release. “Not only are we excited to help Southington and the State of Connecticut meet their sustainability objectives, but we’re also proud to bring new sources of tax revenue, permanent high quality jobs and community education programs to the area as well.”
The proposed facility would be located on approximately 37 acres in an industrial zone at 111 Spring Street, just north of Exit 32 on I-84.

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