Clean up set for superfund site

After just over a year of construction at the SRSNE Superfund Site in Southington, a key part of the environmental cleanup was set to start this week.
In-Situ Thermal Remediation (ISTR) is being used to remove solvents from contaminated area of soil at the site.  ISTR uses electrical heaters in the ground to vaporize the solvents, which will then be extracted with a vacuum system and treated on site.
The treatment process will create water vapor, which will look like steam coming out of the top of the treatment system stack.  The ISTR process is expected to take just over six months to complete.  The treated area will be capped after ISTR is finished, making way for construction of a new segment of the Farmington Canal Heritage Trail.
The ISTR technology has been used successfully and safely at a number of sites across the country, including densely-populated urban neighborhoods and even beneath a commercial building, without affecting the residents.  As a precaution, air will be sampled continuously while ISTR is operating at monitoring stations that have been placed along the perimeter of the SRSNE site.
In addition, all shifts of the nearby Southington Fire Department station have visited the site and been briefed on the technology and emergency procedures.  More information on the project, including the ISTR design approved by the United States Environmental Protection Agency and Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection, is available at:
Bruce Thompson, de maximis, inc. at 860-298-0541 and, Karen Lumino, US EPA at 617-918-1348, can also be contacted for more information.

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