Bristol’s In The Red to bring its sound to Sevendust fans

When hard rockers Sevendust roll into Hartford next Tuesday, Bristol rockers In The Red will be one of the openers on the bill.
We caught up with the band’s drummer, Marc Charette, via email to talk about the origins of In The Red and their sound.

Observer: First of all, talk to me about the origins of In The Red… you were in a band previously, and I’m sure the other guys were as well. What brought you guys together?
Marc: When last you and I spoke I was playing drums in Civil Drone with my good friend and writing collaborator Gino Burgio (also of Bristol). The beauty of Craigslist had me join forces with my new project rock/metal act In the Red. Formed in 2011, In The Red is a New England metal band with the intent of ripping your face off. In The Red has had the pleasure of opening up for Flyleaf, Drowning Pool, Halestorm, Hinder, Candlebox, Fates Warning, and Buckcherry and (next week) Sevendust. With the acceptance of modern rock and metal into the mainstream music industry, In The Red started to make the heaviest yet radio friendly, melodic songs. After spending countless hours writing the music, numerous trips to the studio for demos, and trying out various musicians, they finally crafted their art into what you see today.

O: What do each of you bring to the table creatively… how does each member help make the band what is in terms of sound, etc.
M: I think each member brings something a little different to the table, Chris Elliot and Pete Rizzo, our bassist and guitarist, respectively, do the majority of the writing and it usually starts with a riff, and with me it is about the groove and feel of song, then A.J. Pelletier puts his twist on the lyrics and tasteful emotional vocals, with well placed melodic screams.

O: You do original music? What inspires the songwriting?
M: Yes, we primarily do original music, with some similar style covers tastefully thrown in with our own spin I think the inspiration comes from never being satisfied and wanting to better ourselves both individually and as a band with each note we play.

O: What are some of the bands that influence you and you admire that help infuse In The Red’s sound?
M: I know A.J. and I draw a lot from Sevendust, but we are pretty well versed in our influences— anything from metal, rock, jazz, funk, and, yes, even some ‘80s metal. Some artists we draw a lot from: Bullet For My Valentine, Chevelle, Trapt, 3 Days Grace, Dream Theater, Breaking Benjamin, just to name a few.

O: You’ve been opening up for some national acts. What have you learned by watching “the big guys” play?
M: I have got to say, this past year was amazing. We have to give a big shout out to Rusty from the Webster Theater in Hartford, as he played a big role in us getting many of these opportunities. What we have learned is many of these artists we have opened for is that many are down to earth and started right from where we did. So to have a chance to talk shop and share the stage with your idols is amazing and a constant learning environment. Some even give you pointers or (or share with you) what helped them get to the next level. I will also say through my drum endorsements I am able to attend the NAMM (North American Music Merchants) show every year in California , which is a mind boggling experience. To be able to see the latest and newest gear before it is released to the public and to talk to some of the biggest names in music is a amazing thing, one I will never take for granted. 

O: You’re going to be opening for Sevendust. How does that feel?
M: On Sevendust, first and foremost, they are an amazing band, even more importantly they are some of the nicest, most down to earth people in the world. A.J. and I had the chance to meet them at the Webster last year, and I have actually had the privilege on meeting them several times. Each time, they make you feel like you are part of the family. So to be under the same roof as them making music is a thrill hard to put in words. 

O: What does the future hold for In The Red?
M: We just released a new EP “From the Bottom,” which has been played on Radio 104 quite a bit, so we are going to play a bunch of huge shows over the next few months, and I am sure we’ll get back in the studio in the near future. I know another video is in the works as well.

O: Anything else you want to share?
M: We have a few people and sponsors we would like to thank. First of all our family and friends, (especially my family because practice is at our house) for supporting us, also, I have a few personal thank yous to my wife and kids, and the drum companies that endorse me— Tomer and Iki from Soultone Cymbals, and Jeff from Silver Foxx percusion. Thank you so much for all your support. Also my teachers Jay Wood, Chris Lyons, and my biggest idol of all my brother Brian Charette, also an amazing talent. Lastly, with the help of A.J. Pelletier screaming out the sickest melodies, Chris Elliott and Marc Charette crushing the killer beats and laying the foundation, and Pete Rizzo shredding the guitar, In The Red will surely accomplish what they intend to do. Also, my good friend Gino and I have some lost Civil Drone recordings that hopefully will get released soon.
In The Red opens for Sevendust at the Webster Theater in Hartford on Tuesday, May 6. For more information, go to or For more on Marc, go to and to catch the new video by In The Red, go to  (music video).

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