American Legion Auxiliary would like your old books

By Ed Harris


The American Legion Auxiliary is back in the book business.

Up until a few months ago, the auxiliary had utilized two Got Books bins to help fund literacy programs in the local school system. However, the company went out of business, putting a stop to the practice.

Now a new company, Big Hearted Books, based out of Sharon Mass., has taken control of the two bins and is also paying per pound for the town’s used books.

The bins are located in the back lot at the YMCA and at the Southington Drive-in.

“One hundred percent [of the proceeds] are going into literacy programs in the community,” said auxiliary member Rachel Wache.

The auxiliary has used the money from the recycled books to fund literacy programs in the schools since 2009. In that time the auxiliary has given money for programs and books to the Southington Library, the YMCA, Southington High School, ALTA and Kelley, Plantsville DePaolo and Kennedy Schools.

Wache said the auxiliary plans to use future money to donate to programs at the other schools in town. Then it’s time to start over.

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