Hartford Stage costumes to be on display at Carousel Museum

Stagecraft is a traveling exhibit that is currently at the New EnglandCarouselMuseum until May 15, 2014.

In a press release, Hartford Stage said, “In celebration of Hartford Stage’s 50th Anniversary Season, the STAGECRAFT exhibit consists of a selection of costumes, props and scenic elements from the company’s extensive collection. A hallmark of the theater’s work is the quality of the work that appears on stage, all of which is built here in Hartford. Scores of locally-based artists, craftspeople, and technicians created these pieces to animate the visions of some of the world’s most prominent theatrical designers.”

For more information, contact the New EnglandCarouselMuseum, 95 Riverside Ave., Bristol, by calling (860)585-5411 or emailing info@thecarouselmuseum.org


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