Turf committee revamped

By Lisa Capobianco
Staff Writer
The Southington Town Council voted unanimously last week in approval of renaming and reshaping the Turf Advisory Committee.
The new committee, now called the Facility Advisory Committee, will consist of five members: a town councilor, a member of the Board of Education, Athletic Director Eric Swallow, and Director of Recreation Dave Lepreay. Mike DeFeo of the Parks Board, will continue serving on the committee as chairman. Town Councilor Dawn Miceli, who also served on the Turf advisory Committee, was reappointed to the new committee.
Town Council Chairman Mike Riccio said members of the committee will look at all aspects of maintenance of the entire athletic facility at the high school as well as the gymnasium of Derynoski School.
They will also be in charge of scheduling, which games are charged for, and how the entire facility is scheduled, as well as the fund replenishment, which would include advertising. The new committee will also be in charge of collecting funds from all athletic leagues that use the field and any other facilities, and will take into consideration public restrooms and the concession stand, Riccio reported.
“These are two facilities that get tremendous amount of use from the town of Southington,” said Riccio, during the recent Town Council meeting. “We’re going to include the Derynoski gymnasium at this time because of the extensive use that goes on there.”
During the meeting, Town Councilor Stephanie Urillo requested that a member of the finance board serve on the new committee. Vice Chairperson Joe Labieniec of the finance board currently serves on the Turf Advisory Committee.
“I didn’t want to make the committee too big at this point,” Riccio said during the meeting. If we think of a Board of Finance member to be on there down the road, I don’t have a problem doing that.” “A member of the Board of Finance was on their in the beginning because they were looking at the installation and the cost of installing the field.”
The school board has not yet chosen its representative to serve on the new committee. During a recent Board of Education meeting, Chairman Brian Goralski said the new committee has great potential to better serve the community.
“It’s more in depth than turf—turf is just one entity,” said Goralski, adding that a school board representative will be named at the next meeting. “To really look at the complex is what this new committee is all about.”
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