Survey aimed at fire safety

By Ed Harris
The Southington Fire Department has recently established a new home fire safety survey program that aims to help keep residents safe.
“It’s part of our community risk reduction program,” said firefighter Eric D’Arcy about the voluntary program. “It’s a prevention strategy.”
The survey involves having a firefighter come through your home, pointing out any issues that may be present. Possible issues could include cooking, smoking and electrical problems.
If needed, the firefighters may also install smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. The detectors, along with the rest of the survey program, are paid for through grants and donations.
D’Arcy stressed ensuring that people had working smoke detectors in their homes. This includes one on each level, within hearing range of the occupants.
“The sooner someone knows a fire is going, the better,” D’Arcy said.
The Southington Fire Department began the program early last month and have already conducted seven inspections, D’Arcy said.
To request an inspection, which will take about half an hour, contact fire inspector Bob Hunt at 860-621-3202 ext. 140.

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