Zoning offers revised garage definitions

By Lisa Capobianco
Staff Writer
The Planning and Zoning Commission recently voted unanimously in approval of residential zoning regulations that define garages.
During a recent planning and zoning meeting, the commission agreed on new regulations that provide a clear meaning on the size of garages. Under the new regulations, the specific size for a garage is now 14-feet by 26-feet.
Before, the town had guidelines for a garage size of 12-feet by 24-feet.
The new regulations also allow both smaller and larger homes to have up to three garages. Homeowners requesting for more than three garages must now attain a special permit through the Commission.
Steve Kalkowski, a member of the Commission, serves as Chairman of the PZC Continuous Improvement Subcommittee, which created the new regulations. Kalkowski said the goal was to provide more clarity for homeowners on the size of garages as well as to provide more relief for on size constraints, since more residents seem to be expanding their homes.
“There was really a lack of clarity,” said Kalkowski, adding that the subcommittee received feedback from the town when looking into the new regulations. “We felt a 14 by 26 was a reasonable size.”
“Our hope is it provides a more flexible option for people updating their homes,” said Planning and Zoning Vice Chairperson Paul Chaplinsky of the Planning and Zoning Commission  “It wasn’t clear into what was an actual garage size—now  it’s clear.”
Kalkowski added that the PZC Continuous Improvement Subcommittee is looking into new regulations on poultry and livestock, as well as recreational vehicles.

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