Assistant town clerk charged with trespassing following a dispute over goats

An assistant town clerk surrendered to police after learning there was an arrest warrant for her arrest on trespassing charges following a dispute over goats.

Sandra Brunoli, 62, of Southington was charged on Friday, Feb. 28 with first degree criminal trespass. She posted a $500 bond and was released with a March 10 court date.

Police began to investigate over ownership of two adult and three baby goats.

“The ownership of them is in dispute,” said Police Spokesman Sgt. Jeff Dobratz.

According to police, the complainant began to house two of Brunoli’s goats at his farm last August. Between then and February 2014, the three baby goats were born.

Also during this time a dispute between Brunoli and the complainant regarding ownership of the goats and Brunoli’s access to them.

According to the arrest warrant, in late February, Brunoli entered the complainant’s property, without permission, and removed the five goats.

Dobratz said the goats are currently with Brunoli and added that their ownership is now a civil matter.


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