Office and retail approved on West Street

By Lisa Capobianco
Staff Writer
The Planning and Zoning Commission recently voted unanimously in approval of a plan for an office and retail center on the West Street business zone.
Lovley Development, Inc., in Plantsville, proposed for a mixed use development of multiple buildings at 1095 West Street next to the UConn Medical Center and other medical offices. The plan calls for the construction of four buildings with a total of 55,000 square feet and 369 parking spaces.  Three buildings will reside at the front of the property and another building in the back.
Although tenants for the site are still being worked out, Mark Lovley, president of Lovley Development, Inc. said the property will have two restaurants—a sit-in one, and a smaller one with a drive-through—both of which will most likely be chains. Lovley also said an eyeglass store and a bank are interested.
Work on the project will begin in April, and is expected to end by November.
“I think it’s a good asset,” Lovley said, adding that the project also includes additional landscaping such as internal sidewalks and rain gardens. “I think it’s going to be a good project for the town.”
During a recent Planning and Zoning meeting, the commission complimented the applicant on following the guidelines for the West Street business zone, recognizing it has a model for future applicants of the area.
“This is exactly what we’re looking for on West Street, so I thank the applicant and the folks working on this application,” said Planning and Zoning Vice Chairperson Paul Chaplinsky during the meeting. “I would like to use this plan as a guide for discussions when applicants do come forward looking for direction in advance of coming to the commission with a plan.”
Lovley said he a sat in on a couple of meetings of the West Street Subcommittee, so he had an idea of what its members looked for in an ideal business zone in that area.
“This is one of the first applications that we have before us after the West Street Subcommittee’s hard work, and the bar has been set,” said Planning and Zoning Chairman Mike DelSanto.

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