Southington is running low on road salt

Southington was not among the municipalities that were able to secure road salt from the state, thanks to a relief package proposed by Governor Dannel Malloy. Though the town was able to acquire some road salt from a backup contractor, there could be issues if the town does not receive more.

“We are expecting more this week and it should help us out,” Town Manager Garry Brumback said. “If we do not get a resupply this week we will have a tough time with another snow storm or ice.”

Due to 13 winter storms and cold fronts that have stretched down to Georgia, road salt has become a precious commodity.

Earlier this week Malloy announced that the Connecticut Department of Transportation (ConnDOT) has distributed nearly 5,000 tons of salt to 42 cities and towns.

“Despite the difficult winter, ConnDOT has never been short on salt. Our stockpiles have been lower than in the past but certainly not to a point where we have had to restrict our application rates,” said ConnDOT Commissioner James P. Redeker, in a statement. “We are receiving another shipment of salt today and continue to be in a good position for the remainder of the winter season.”

Southington has about 2,400 tons of salt on backorder from two separate contractors. According to Brumback, it takes approx. 300 to 400 tons of salt to adequately treat the roads in town.

Prior to yesterday’s storm, the town had less than 250 tons on hand.


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