Southington entrepreneurs help homeowners, give back to community

By Lisa Capobianco
Staff Writer
From the time Luke Florian, of Southington, was in middle school, he knew he wanted to pursue a career in the real estate business. At the age of 18, he purchased his first income property. By age 27, the entrepreneur already co-founded his real estate company, Elite Property, LLC, and also published his first book on his experience in the business.
“This is exactly where I want to be right now,” said Florian, a graduate of the University of Connecticut business school. “It doesn’t feel like work.”
Since the beginning of his career, Florian has experience with the purchase, sale and management of 200 commercial and residential properties over the past six years and growing. Through networking, reading books on real estate and learning from national and local mentors, Florian came to understand the ins and outs of the business. He also learned about real estate from his own family, who experienced setbacks while owning property in Bristol.
“My family was always involved in real estate,” Florian said. “They taught me some good lessons.”
In his book titled “6 Figure Freedom: Simple & Effective Steps To Guide You To Real Estate Success,” Florian shared his real estate background with readers, providing actual case studies to guide them in their own experiences. From answers to seller objections to proven psychological negotiation tips to steps in effectively evaluation a potential investment property, Florian’s book serves as an educational tool for “newbies” and experts of real estate.
“I just can’t explain to people what I do in a minute,” Florian said. “It is a way for someone to gear into real estate investors.”
“It’s not just for newbies—even real estate investors can learn,” added Shimic Kaplon, who co-founded Elite Poperty, LLC with Florian.
Founded in 2010, Elite Property, LLC is a Connecticut based real estate investment firm that focuses on two operations. The company purchases homes directly (in Connecticut and South Florida) and makes cash offers, providing a streamline transaction without charging clients a commission fee. From vacant buildings to houses in disrepair, Florian and Kaplon also redevelop single and multi-family properties statewide, with the goal of revitalizing neighborhoods and improving the overall quality of life for residents.
“We’re different from a typical agent,” said Kaplon, who is also a graduate of the University of Connecticut’s School of Business.
Purchasing hundreds of homes a year, Elite Property, LLC buys them regardless if they need major repairs. The company handles every step from home appraisal to closing, focusing on meeting the needs of clients and selling their homes fast.
“[Clients] don’t have to worry about fixing anything…with us they have more certainty—there are no guessing games,” Kaplon said.
Besides helping residents sell or renovate their homes, Florian and Kaplon also reach out to homeowners in need. Elite Property, LLC currently partnered with Acts 4 Ministry, a charitable organization in the greater Waterbury area that supports the needs of low income families and individuals by collecting and distributing reusable clothing and furniture.  When Florian and Kaplon just closed on a house with usable furniture in November, they decided to donate to the cause, and filled up an 18’ box truck full of items.
“It’s been a blessing for us,” said Sarah DiMeo, the Executive Director of Acts 4 Ministry, adding that Florian’s company also donated sheets and other reusable household items. “When Luke contacted us, he gave above and beyond the cause.”
Florian said the timing for the partnership could not have been better. Both DiMeo and Florian met while serving in student government at the Uconn campus in Waterbury and kept each other’s contact informaion. When Florian saw her e-mail several months ago about her current position at Acts 4 Ministry, he decided to reach out to the organization.
“That day they had a family who needed all that furniture,” Florian said. “We’re involved with something that is bigger than ourselves.”

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