Saturday snow is also a possibility, says AccuWeather

More snow could be a problem on Saturday, but if it does snow it could preclude a bigger storm on Sunday to Monday, says AccuWeather. reports a new player has emerged on the weather maps and has a chance at bringing a period of snow from parts of Virginia to southeastern New England on Saturday.

There are signs that energy from the next storm will split into two parts and may bring two doses of snow to the mid-Atlantic and New England this weekend, which would pose forecast challenges.

Depending on how a storm tracks along the Atlantic coast, after affecting the South with rain showers Friday night, will determine how far snow is able to spread northward along the mid-Atlantic coast. It will also have a say into whether or not accumulating snow falls on southeastern New England.

There are some similarities to this Saturday’s storm with last Monday’s event. The storm on Monday overachieved to the max and deposited snow over much of the mid-Atlantic and southern New England.

While snow has a chance of spreading into similar areas that got hit by Monday’s snowstorm, that snow is likely to be much lighter.

The competition between the two storms may prevent one big storm from occurring Sunday into Monday. However, that potential big storm later in the weekend is still on the table at this point.

Some snow is still expected from the second storm regardless of its strength. It may reach part of the mid-Atlantic as early as Saturday night.

This is an evolving storm situation and snowfall forecast are likely to change from one day to the next, especially for events beyond a couple of days.


By Alex Sosnowski, Expert Senior Meteorologist for

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