Continuing the renaissance; Town to apply for grant to help Plantsville

By Lisa Capobianco
Staff Writer
The Southington Town Council voted unanimously on Monday to apply for a grant that will help push forward the revitalization of downtown Plantsville.
Town Manager Garry Brumback said the Local Transportation Capital Improvement Program (LOTCIP) grant, worth $2.4 million, will help turn downtown Plantsville into a Renaissance-style area.
“We have been endorsed by the CCRPA…to do a project we have had on the book for quite some time and it has been supported by not only this council, but by pervious councils,” Brumback said during a Town Council meeting Monday night. “It is creating a renaissance look for the Plantsville downtown.”
The project consists of overlaying streets, including West Main Street and South Main Street. The beautification part of the project will feature grand curbing, brick paving, decorative lighting, benches, and landscaping, reported Brumback. Another part of the project includes a traffic signal, modifications in striping and sign improvements, as well as a new municipal parking lot with about 21 spaces behind Quinn’s Tavern, which residents will have access to from both Main Street and West Main Street. Brumback added that the Plantsville Renaissance will also include a scenic overlook of the Quinnipiac River.
“It would be approved in this upcoming fiscal year for design and then the budget for construction would be for the 2015-16 fiscal year,” Brumback said. “The town’s responsibility would be design, oversight, right-away acquisition, environmental permits and cost containment during construction phase—in this year’s up and coming budget, we have $150,000 to do this and the rest would be paid for by the $2.4 million grant.”
Council members said that if the grant is approved, the renaissance project will benefit not only residents and visitors, but will also benefit businesses in downtown Plantsville.
“It is a great opportunity for our town. I think we can do really well,” said Town Councilor Stephanie Urillo.
“It has been on our agenda for the past couple of years,” added Town Councilor Dawn Miceli. “It is crucial for the aesthetics of our community and important for our business sector.”

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