Police searching for two suspects in 7-11 armed robbery

December 30, 2013

The Southington Police Department is searching for two suspects involved in an armed robbery at the 7-11 on Queen Street on Wednesday, Dec. 28.

Video surveillance footage from the store showed two suspects entered the store at approximately 03:14 am. One of the suspects went behind the counter with the store clerk. The store clerk opened the cash register and the suspect took the money out of the drawer then handed it over the counter to the second suspect.

The suspects obtained more money from a second cash register drawer in the same manner. The suspects never implied or showed a weapon to the store clerk. The suspects obtained approximately $109 in cash.

Suspect 1 wore a black puffy jacket zipped up with hood over head, tan brimmed baseball hat under hood. The jacket has a design on the left chest and a white design on the right upper back. A black winter face-mask covered the mouth and nose. Only the suspect’s eyes and bridge of nose are visible. Suspect 1 has light skin visible in the area around the eyes. Suspect 1’s eyes are dark colored, possibly brown. Suspect 1 is wearing black gloves on his hands. Suspect 1 has on denim style jeans and brown with a darker toe hiking style shoe. Suspect 1 is about 5’8″ tall.

Suspect 2 is wore a black ski mask covering the head with only the eyes visible. Suspect 2 has light skin in the eye area and dark colored eyes. Suspect 2 wore a black puffy style jacket with red trimmed zippers on the front and pockets. The jacket is zipped up with a white design on the left shoulder. Suspect 2 wore black gloves on the hands. Suspect 2 is wearing dark pants with white trip on the back pockets. Suspect has on black sneakers with white shoe laces and white trim. Suspect 2 is about 5’8″ tall.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Detective Kyle Dobratz at 860-378-1654 or kdobratz@southingtonpolice.org.

Suspect 2

Suspect 2

Suspect 1

Suspect 1

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