New windows for town hall bring energy efficiency

By Lisa Capobianco
Staff Writer
Southington Town Hall has now sported a new look while increasing energy efficiency. The building recently underwent a complete window renovation, which helped improve Town Hall’s insulation in the winter as well as energy costs.
Southington Town Manager Garry Brumback said the building needed the makeover.
“These windows are much more efficient,” Brumback said.
V. Nanfito, a premium provider of window replacement services, spent over a week on the project, installing over new 90 windows with an “Energy Star” label, a government-supported symbol for energy efficiency which will help the town save money and the environment. According to V. Nanfito, the “Energy Star” label helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions and other pollutants from the inefficient use of energy.
Vincent Nanfito and Armand Martinez said the new windows offer additional environmental protection while maintaining the original style of the older windows.
“This exceeds the state level of what must be labeled as ‘Energy Star,’” said Nanfito, adding that the improved insulation will help decrease costs in heat for the town. “We also matched the trim on the outside with the original trim.”
Southington Town Attorney Mark Sciota said it was time for the windows to undergo an upgrade. Sciota said he felt impressed with the end result of the project, recalling how the older windows did not provide enough insulation in inclement weather.
“These are quite attractive,” said Southington Town Attorney Mark Sciota, adding that Town Hall will also feature new awnings.
The total cost of the project is $79,000, according to Sciota. V. Nanfito offered a monetary contribution to the town for $3,500 through a program that Southington applied for called the Connecticut Neighborhood Assistance Act (NAA) Tax Credit. The NAA Tax Credit Program offers a tax credit to business firms that make cash investments in qualifying community programs, which tax exempt or municipal agencies conduct. According to the Department of Revenue Services, businesses that make cash contributions can receive a credit of 60 percent of their donation or up to 100 percent for energy conservation programs. In this case, V. Nanfito will receive a tax credit of 100 percent for the monetary contribution it made to the town for installing energy efficient windows. Jensen’s Inc. will also make a monetary contribution of $5,000 to the town.
Sciota added that the window project serves as just one step to renovating Town Hall. Through the town’s capital improvement plan, Southington will also receive upgrades in the heating and air conditioning system. Sciota said that in the spring, members of the Town Council will choose from several different plans to upgrade the front door that will be more energy efficient.
“We are going to be here for a long time,” Sciota said.

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