Dog attacks and bites woman and responding police officer

A pit bull recently attacked a woman walking with a stroller and two small dogs as well as a police officer responding to the scene.

On the morning of Thursday, Nov. 21, the Southington Police Department received a complaint of a female being attacked by a pit bull on North Summit Street.

As the woman was walking, a pit bull ran at them and aggressively engaged the two smaller dogs. The female and a witness were able to move the stroller away from the pit bull.

At this point a third person picked up the stroller and put it in the bed of a pick up truck away from the pit bull. As this was taking place the first witness was bit in the hand by the dog.

Officer Butler, of the Southington Police Department, arrived and while attempting to keep the pit bull away from the woman and others in the area, he was also bit on the right hand and left arm by the Pit Bull.

The female who was initially walking in the road took the stroller and her dogs into her house; however the pit dull followed her into the house. The dog was eventually contained inside the house.

The pit bull continued to act aggressively towards the officers as they tried to control it. The officers used a taser to take the dog into custody.

Ofc. Butler and the witness were both transported via ambulance from the scene to a local hospital for treatment. Both suffered minor injuries and were released from the hospital.

An investigation revealed that the pit bull pushed its’ way out of an unlocked cellar door prior to the incident. The owner of the pit bull was identified as Justin Sieracki, 22, of Southington. He was issued an infraction for having a nuisance dog.

The dog was taken to the Southington Animal Control facility. Sieracki voluntarily surrendered the pit bull and it was later euthanized.

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