Electric vehicle charging stations receive state grants

By Lisa Capobianco
Staff Writer
Governor Dannel Malloy has announced the awarding of grants for 56 publicly-available electrical vehicle (EV) charging stations statewide, a major step forward in ending “range anxiety” for EV drivers, according to a press release.
Funding for the grants total $135,946, which comes after a prior announcement of an agreement among the Governors of Connecticut and seven other states to encourage the use of zero-emissions vehicles with the goal of placing over three million of them on the road in the next ten years.
“These grants will help fulfill my vision of a cheaper, cleaner, and more reliable energy future for the families and businesses of our state,” said Gov. Malloy, in the release. “A recent federal Department of Energy study shows that it costs less than half the cost of using gasoline to operate an electrical vehicle—and the availability of more charging stations helps provide a wider choice of vehicles for our residents.”
The grants range from $1,000 to $5,000, which depend on the specific requirements of each project and the technology used, the press release said. Each grant will make up a partial amount of the total cost of installation costs and hardware, so each award will drive private investment in a network of charging stations throughout Connecticut, according to the release.
“These grants will help fulfill my vision of a cheaper, cleaner, and more reliable energy future for the families and businesses of our state,” Governor Malloy said in the release. “The grants…will bring us one step closer to that goal by adding to the nearly 100 charging stations that are already available and putting more of them at restaurants, businesses, colleges, medical centers, municipal parking facilities, and convenient locations for the public.”
For William Tregoning, the owner of CT Insurance Exchange of Southington, along with his wife Lisa, this grant from the state will benefit their business. The Exchange was one of three charging sites in Southington that will receive money from the grant. The CT Sikh Association and Samra Family, LLC, a medical practice, will also benefit from the grant.
William drives a Tesla which is completely electric and runs on no gasoline while Lisa drives a Chevy Volt, which runs on both electricity and gasoline. Filling up her tank once a month on average, Lisa said she hopes that once the grant helps add more charging stations in Connecticut, more drivers will switch to electric vehicles. CT Insurance Exchange currently has one charging station, which is free and open to the public 24/7.
“We realized that there are not a lot of charging stations in Connecticut,” said Lisa, who has two charging stations at home.
Besides Southington, Bristol and Plainville will benefit from the grant. The state also awarded money to Crowley Nissan in Bristol as well as Crowley Ford in Plainville and JS & MS, LLC, a convenience store in Plainville.

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