Southington’s report card; Rallying behind early childhood education

After the presentation, parents and other members of the community broke up into groups, sharing ideas to help turn early academic success into a reality. Some ideas included making videos for parents on school readiness and potty training, and even offering cooking classes for parents so they can learn how to make healthy meals for their children. Toward the end of the month, the groups will meet again to pull their ideas together, developing strategies on how to implement their ideas in the near future.

Strategies that members of ECCS presented to the community included establishing outreach teams to communicate the importance of early childhood education, engaging community groups and business organizations through Pre-K scholarships, advertising, materials, and sponsorships, as well as offering information to families about kindergarten expectations, and developing support for preschool programs.

“People are not aware of what kindergarten is,” Slimak said. “Now it consists of academic work.”

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