Quite turnout thus far for the municipal election

By Observer staff

Voter turnout at the polls has been a bit slow, officials said, but there is hope that the turnout will increase as people get out of work.

“It’s kind of slow overall,” said Town Clerk Leslie Cotton.

Cotton said she expected things to pick up this evening. She anticipated that about 30 percent of the town’s registered voters will cast their votes in the municipal election.

Cotton, who is overseeing her last election as Town Clerk, said there were no issues or problems at the polls.


Southington Election 2013 Information


Election Day for Southington will take place on Tuesday, November 5. Here is information voters should know before casting their votes:

The elections will take place at 11 polling places, which will all open at 6 a.m. and close at 8 p.m:

District one: South End School, Maxwell Noble Drive

District two: John F. Kennedy Middle School, 1071 South Main St.

District three: Derynoski Elementary School, 240 Main St.

District four: Hatton Elementary School, 50 Spring Lake Rd.

District five: Flanders Elementary School, 100 Victoria Dr.

District six: DePaolo Middle School, 385 Pleasant St.

District seven: Kelley Elementary School, 501 Ridgewood Rd.

District eight: Thalberg Elementary School, 145 Dunham Rd.

District nine: Tabernacle Christian Church, 1445 West St.

District ten: Plantsville Elementary School, 70 Church St.

District 11: Strong Elementary School, 820 Marion Ave.

This year, voters will have the final say in proposed charter revisions, all placed as separate items on the ballot. Under the first proposed charter revision, the Fire Commissioners and Boards of Police would become advisory only, and the two chiefs would report directly to the town manager. The town manager would make the final decision on who would become chief. Voters will answer the following question: “Shall Section 601 of the Southington Town Charter be amended to change the police and fire commissions to advisory boards and have the chiefs hired by and report to the town manager?” The second proposed change deals with the division of purchases: “Shall Section 708 and Section738 of the Southington Town Charter be amended to increase the amount of expenditures for purchases and contracts without going to bid from $10,000 and $5,000 respectively to $25,000?” The third proposed change deals with contracts for public works and transfers of appropriations: “Shall section 733 of the Southington Town Charter be amended to allow the town manager to authorize transfers within an office, department or agency’s budget up to $1,000 into and out of a line item within a fiscal year?”

For more on the candidates running, please see this week’s editorial on page 6.

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