Local man arrested on animal cruelty charges

A local man was arrested on animal cruelty charges after an investigation by Southington Animal Control.

On Saturday, Oct. 19, Christopher Gagnon, 24, was arrested and charged with animal cruelty and breach of peace. Bond was set for $500 with an Oct. 29 court date.

An investigation was led by Southington Animal Control and the Southington Police Department’s Traffic Division.
According to police, a witness observed a lethargic cat wearing a leash and appearing to be in distress in the area of Gagnon’s residence. The warrant states that Gagnon was observed swinging the cat by the leash back and forth and then “lobbing” the cat onto the grass. Gagnon was also observed spraying the cat in the face with a garden hose for five minutes.

The witness stated that Gagnon was not cleaning the cat in any manner and never sprayed the cat in any other areas other than the face.

According to police, Gagnon claimed that he came home from work and found the cat injured, bloody and covered in feces so he gave it a bath.

On the day of the investigation, Southington Animal Control took the cat to a local animal hospital for a medical examination. The examination revealed that the cat suffered trauma to the muzzle, ear and tail.

After the examination the cat was returned to the owner, an acquaintance of Gagnon.

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