Paranormal research group to present at library

By Lisa Capobianco
Staff Writer
For Nicole and Angel Ortiz, conversations about spirits and the afterlife do not just take place on Halloween.
They think about the afterlife nearly 24/7 because they are the members and founders of CT Soul Seekers, a paranormal investigation and research group based in Naugatuck.
“It is a huge part of our lives,” Nicole said.
Nicole’s interest in the paranormal began during childhood when she heard haunted stories about her family home in Seymour. Although she was too young to remember what happened, Nicole said her family heard the garage door going up and down by itself, footsteps on the stairway and other strange noises. She also said her family had “strange” dreams at the house.
Although the majority of her family kept those ghost stories a secret, Nicole said she was not afraid to share her experiences with other people.
“I was the girl walking around with an Ouija board,” she said.
Unlike his wife, the paranormal did not interest Angel until adulthood. Once a skeptic, Angel said he started questioning the afterlife after his mother died.
“I never had a reason to believe in ghosts,” Angel said. “But now I wonder what really happens when we do pass on.”
Both Nicole and Angel formed The CT Soul Seekers in early 2009. The paranormal group now includes eight more members who all bring certain skills and talent to their mission. As paranormal investigators, they have investigated public and private residences using different types of equipment and technology to record possible unnatural phenomena.
But their work goes beyond investigating places in the local community.  Besides appearing on WTNH Connecticut Style, The CT Soul Seekers have appeared on the Chiller TV Network in its special, “Real Fear: The Truth Behind More Movies.” When not appearing on TV or conducting paranormal investigations, Angel and Nicole co-host a weekly online radio show called, “Our Haunted Lives,” and a few episodes of a public access television show in the Naugatuck Valley.
“I did not realize it would get as big as it did,” Nicole said.
The CT Soul Seekers also make public appearances at local libraries and give back to the community through events like Relay for Life. On Thursday, Oct. 17, they will conduct a lecture at the Southington Public Library to share different types of data they captured with pictures, video and audio from various paranormal investigations. They will also make an appearance at the Beacon Falls Haunted Hay Ride in late October.
Nicole and Angel said they want to educate more people on the different types of tools they use during investigations and the purpose of using them in order to gain a better understanding of true paranormal phenomena. They will also discuss different paranormal theories and practices.
“It is not necessarily something you need to be afraid of,” Nicole said.
Nicole and Angel also said the purpose of their lecture is not to persuade people that the paranormal exists, but rather to open their minds to the possibilities.
“We can give them some extra information to think about,” Nicole said. “I hope everyone comes out and has a good time.”
Anyone interested in attending the event can register online at by clicking on Calendar, or contact the Reference Department at (860) 628-0947, ext. 5.

Submitted Nicole and Angel Ortiz, founders of CT Soul Seekers, pictured above with their daughter Angie, will host a presentation at the Southinton Library on Thursday, Oct. 17.

Nicole and Angel Ortiz, founders of CT Soul Seekers, pictured above with their daughter Angie, will host a presentation at the Southinton Library on Thursday, Oct. 17.

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