Open house set for superfund site

There is an open house scheduled for the SRSNE superfund site at 90 Lazy Lane, across the street from the police station.
The open house is set for Saturday, Sept. 7, 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. and will include EPA, CTDEEP and representatives of the potentially responsible parties’ group will present information and answer questions about the upcoming in-situ thermal remediation, and the wide variety of other cleanup activities going on at the site, which include investigating the extent of solvents in groundwater, preventing further migration of contaminated groundwater by pumping and treating the water using UV/oxidation, and monitoring on-going bioremediation of solvents in groundwater by naturally occurring bacteria.
A very significant phase of the remediation is under construction right now, and will become operational later this year.
This phase of the work is called “in-situ thermal remediation”, which is expected to remove approximately 1,000,0000 pounds of solvent from the soil under 2 acres of the site. This will be the largest treatment project of its’ sort to date in the world.
This process will use electrical heaters bring about 50,000 cubic yards of soil at the site to the boiling point, evaporate the solvents, then capture them with a vacuum system and thermally oxidize them prior to release to the atmosphere.
The SRSNE Site was first placed on EPA’s National Priorities List of Superfund Sites in 1983.  The site closed in 1991, and has been in active investigation and remediation since then, with about $50 million spent to date.
A comprehensive cleanup plan (the “Record of Decision”) was issued by EPA in 2005.
A final financial settlement and agreement to implement the necessary work was reached between EPA, CTDEEP, DOJ, CT AG and the potentially responsible parties Group (SRSNE’s former customers) in 2008.
There is a lot of additional information about the site at EPA’s website at  and at the Group’s website at

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