School district announces launch of new STEM resource

By Lisa Capobianco
Staff Writer
The Board of Education announced the launch of its “Virtual STEM University,” a web-based educational resource for teachers that will provide easy access to lesson design plans in the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics.
STEM University is a partnership between The Southington Education Foundation (SEF) and the Board of Education. The uploaded lesson design plans for the classroom will cultivate greater aptitude in STEM education for students in grades K through 1, according to a press release from the Southington Education Foundation.
“This university will have lessons designed by which all teachers within our district can access, share and create for the benefit of our students,” said Board of Education Committee Member Terry Lombardi.
STEM University will also prepare students move towards becoming digital and global citizens as technology becomes a more thorough understanding of complex concepts in the 21st century.  Calling the instructional website “exciting,” Southington Schools Supt. Dr. Joseph Erardi said STEM University is a “cutting-edge,” opportunity for students and teachers.
“We are changing how students learn best,” he said. “It is important for teachers to understand those changes.”
STEM University will allow teachers to work together collaboratively not only within one particular school, but also within the entire school district.  Southington Education Foundation Chair Dawn Miceli hopes STEM University will give the school district an opportunity to become a model for other school districts in Connecticut.
“We will be at the forefront,” Miceli said. “Southington will be a leader for STEM in Connecticut.”
The project is part of a five-prong commitment to advancing STEM education in the school district.  The school district plans to launch Virtual STEM University October 1.

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