Looking ahead, weather-wise, to the three-day weekend

As plans are made for the upcoming Labor Day weekend, the traditional end of summer, Accuweather says the weather will be conducive to a slew of activities but thunderstorms could pop up here and there.



Northeast Labor Day Weekend: Warmth, Storms






State College, Pa. — 28 August 2013 AccuWeather.com reports the weather this Labor Day weekend in the Northeast will feel warmer than some days during the first part of the summer, but it won’t be as hot or as sunny as the middle of July.
High temperatures will be well into the 80s from New York, Pennsylvania, West Virginia and New Jersey. Temperatures will peak close to 90 in parts of Ohio, Maryland, Virginia and Delaware. In much of New England, highs will be in the 70s to lower 80s.
During the middle of July, high temperatures in many areas soared well into the 90s.
The weather most of the time this weekend will be fine for outdoor plans ranging from swimming, camping and boating to amusement parks, ball games and outings.
However, with the warm and humid conditions will come cloudy intervals and the risk of a few thunderstorms.

There will be a few communities that are hit hard by multiple downpours and flash flooding each day, but that is impossible to pin down beyond a few hours, due to the random nature of thunderstorms.
Even at the wettest locations, there will be long breaks of rain-free weather.
Folks wrapping up their holiday weekend could encounter travel delays on the trip home.
Early-morning fog can be a problem this time of the year and patches of the low cloud are possible this weekend.
The period from Sunday night into Monday night is likely to be the wettest overall. A general zone of showers and thunderstorms is forecast to push from the Great Lakes to the Appalachians and finally the I-95 corridor. It is during this time that when there is a greater chance of more region problems due to poor visibility and flash and urban flooding.
Somewhat cooler and less humid air will follow during the middle of next week throughout the region as masses of people return to work and school.
By Ales Sosnowski, Expert Senior Meteorologist for AccuWeather.com

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