Thirty-four youths arrested for underage drinking

Thirty-four youths were recently cited for underage drinking at party on Pheasant Run.

At close to midnight on Friday, August 2, officers were dispatched to 46 Pheasant Run on a report of an underage drinking party. Upon arrival, officers observed several people run into the house and turn off all of the interior lights. While checking the residence, officers found evidence of alcohol use including drinking games, opened and unopened beer cans and opened and unopened liquor bottles.

After entering the residence, Officers located 39 people throughout the residence.

Of the 37 people located at the residence, 34 were between the ages of 18 and 20. Three were under the age of 18. All were residents of Southington with the exception of a New Britain resident and a Waterbury resident.

The following were all issued infraction tickets for possession of alcohol by a minor: Franco Pabst, John Edward Gradante III, Lauren Mahon, Steven Cianciolo, Ryan Ferguson, Jordan Crowley, Zakary Palmieri, Angela Beaupre, Brigid Bednarczyk, Krystelle Rolling, Byron C. O’Leary-Bey, Jason Sikoski, Morgan Slade, Markus Leonhardt Roth, Michael R. Garcia Jr., Michael Raczysnki, Domenic Joseph Dallas Luongo, Zachary Zubko, Justin Trzcinski, Joshua Pinto, Kristin Kearney, Brittany Sciascia, Colin Freer, Connor Hartfield, Kathryn Daddona, Matthew Dube, Jonathan Garvey, Joel R. DeBishop, Chad Mehmel, Steven Deponte, Augoustis I. Tiniakos, Nicholas Gothberg, and Brianna Lee.

Stephen G. Feeney was issued a misdemeanor summons for permitting a minor to illegally possess alcohol and possession of alcohol by a minor.  Feeney was released on a $1,000 non-surety bond and has a court date of 8-12-13.

The three juveniles were also issued infractions for possession of alcohol by a minor.

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