Man arrested for allegedly stealing hangun

A local man was arrested on charges that he stole a handgun from a parked car in the Stop & Shop Parking lot.

On Sunday, August 4, police arrested Artur Kasinski, 21, of Southington, after he allegedly entered an unlocked vehicle that was parked in the parking lot. After stealing the handgun, he was seen fleeing the area in a car, heading west out of the Stop & Shop parking lot. The complaintant was able to obtain a license plate

Artur Kasinski

Artur Kasinski

from the vehicle as it was fleeing the scene.

Officers responded to the address where the vehicle was registered and found Kasinski inside the vehicle reaching into the back seats. Kasinski exited the vehicle and told officers that he put the handgun in the rear of the vehicle. Kasinski admitted to stealing the handgun and other items from inside the vehicle at Stop & Shop.

The handgun, a plastic bag containing an assortment of loose change, two prescription bottles (in the name of the victim), an assortment of car adapters, a digital camera with case and a box of .22 caliber ammunition were recovered from Kasinski’s vehicle and identified as belonging to the victim. The handgun was reportedly being stored in the glove compartment of the vehicle.

Kasinski was taken into custody without incident and charged with criminal possession of a firearm, theft of a firearm, weapons in a motor vehicle and illegal possession of prescription drugs. Bond was set at $5,000 with an August 5 court date.

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