Town seeks to upgrade its emergency response system

By Ed Harris
Town officials are considering upgrading an  emergency response system that could help get word out during emergencies or issue town wide reminders for important events.
At a recent Town Council meeting Town Manager Garry Brumback announced that the town was looking into purchasing an Everbridge system. Brumback said the purchase would cost $15,000 initially and $10,000 a year after the initial purchase.
“We should be able to pay for it with the emergency services fund,” Brumback said.
Brumback said he would take the matter to the Board of Finance this month.
The phone number database will be culled from the phone book. Anyone with an unlisted number could ask to be included in the database.
“This is a great asset to the community,” Town Councilor Chris Palmieri said.
Councilor John Barry, who has championed the use of the system, said he was all for the implementation, but urged restraint on who used the device and what was broadcast over it.
The Southington Police Department already has a system in place, but Brumback said the system was scaled down and limited.
“We’re expanding on that,” Brumback said.
The new system would mirror the All Call System currently used by the Southington school system. The system allows for district wide or school specific announcements. School officials have used the system for several years to let parents know about school updates, reminders, security and other school info.
“I’m excited that the town is considering a similar system,” said Board of Education Chairman Brian Goralski.

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