Art in the Yard show to return this Sunday

By Brian Zahn
After what she believes was a successful test run in 2012, organizer Brandi Sabato is eagerly anticipating the second annual Art in the Yard art showing and sale.
The event, which Sabato has coordinated through her “independent, grassroots organization” Arts Happenings, will take place June 23 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. on 273 Canal Street in Plantsville.
The event came about last year because Sabato was in possession of the “unusually large” green space, and saw it as an opportunity to give freelance and independent artists a chance to show and sell their work.
“We pulled it together pretty quickly last year,” she said. “We just wanted to test it out, and see if Southington would be supportive of the idea.”
Although Sabato organized the event very quickly, it went better than she had expected.
“The people that came were absolutely excited about the idea of having another one,” she said. “They were just walking or biking down the trail and they could see an art show. I think Southington is definitely a town where small business and independent business owners are supported.”
Sabato did not want to impose a hard deadline for artists to register so the exact number of booths will remain uncertain until the event, but she has at least 20 confirmations.
Among the 20 artists displaying and selling work that have signed up, Sabato says there will be jewelry, pottery and metalwork.
“People can buy a one-of-a-kind painting, and it’s a great way to support somebody who is just trying to come up in the art world,” Sabato said.
Sabato herself says she has “dabbled” with fine art, but her Arts Happenings co-founder Lynn Flaherty is the one that “embraces art every day.”
Arts Happenings was founded because of Sabato and Flaherty’s mutual interest in the dramatic arts. Sabato said she hopes to one day have the time and resources to turn it into a non-profit that would sustain arts programs in the community, whether it’s in school or after school.

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