Who will be crowned Miss Connecticut or Miss Connecticut’s Outstanding Teen?

Krystiana Bouchard

Krystiana Bouchard

Central Connecticut towns are well-represented in the upcoming Miss Connecticut Scholarship Pageant to be held June 20 to 22 at the Garde Arts Center in New London. This week and next we will help you get to know the young women who want to be Miss Connecticut or Miss Connecticut’s Outstanding Teen. We asked each of the contestants three questions to help readers get to know them.

A. When you finish your reign as Miss Connecticut/ or Miss Connecticut’s Outstanding Teen, how will you have made the world a better place by wearing the crown?

B. Pull out your crystal ball for a moment. How do you see your life 20 years from now?

C. Suppose we pull aside your very best friend and ask her to describe you, what do you think she’s going to say about you?

Shannon Murphy

Age: 20

Miss Plantsville

Central Connecticut State University

A. After my reign as Miss Connecticut, I hope to make the state more aware of the importance of safe driving. I intend to promote my platform “Making an Impact: Promoting Safe Teen Driving” throughout my reign and encourage people to become more aware of the dangers of getting behind the wheel. Car accidents are the number one cause of death in teens and it is my goal to lower this statistic by spreading awareness throughout the state.

B. In 20 years, I see myself as an accomplished third grade teacher as well as successful business owner of a bakery. I will take full advantage of my summers off by focusing on my bakery but also taking time to travel the world. I hope to be married and settled down with children and I plan on living in Connecticut. I hope to stay involved in the Miss America Organization and continue to empower others to believe in themselves and their dreams. In 20 years, I hope to have accomplished whatever I set my mind to but more importantly enjoy life and all that it has to offer.

C.  My best friend would tell you how positive I am. I am constantly reminding my friends and family of the importance of a positive attitude. I have learned that with a good attitude and a positive outlook on life it is much easier to accomplish what you set your mind to. My best friend would tell you I am extremely caring and selfless and I love to do things for others. I would also think she would my mention my sense of humor but then again, she may just mention how I seem to think I’m funny.

Krystiana Bouchard

Age: 15

Miss West Hartford’s Outstanding Teen

Greater Hartford Academy of the Arts

A. After my year as Miss Connecticut Outstanding Teen 2013, I will have had an impact not only the community but individuals as well. It’s my goal to find success in myself by helping and recognizing other’s success. My issue of concern is the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. By the end of my year, Connecticut will learn about MS. My role with the MS Society will help it grow in numbers and strength due to the support I yearn to gain. Personally, the crown and sash, as well as the title of Miss Connecticut Outstanding Teen, will give me the upper hand to be a positive influence in our community as well as accomplish many great things with my personal platform as well as the many things I will do.

B. I see myself as a lawyer in California. Hopefully at 35, I will have an established family and career. I will have obtained degrees from UCLA Berkeley and Harvard Law School. Maybe I’ll even be going to a Miss America Reunion as Miss America 2021.

C. She would say I’m a very laidback person who’s up for new adventures and anything for a good laugh. Two words she would use to describe me are spontaneous and articulate.

Jillian Duffy

Age: 16

Miss Forestville’s Outstanding Teen

Lewis S. Mills

High School

A. As Miss Connecticut’s Outstanding Teen, I would hope to have continued to raise awareness and funds for pediatric cancer research though my platform Jillian’s Journey. Through sharing my story of my personal battle with cancer, I hope to have inspired other young men and woman to work through their own personal struggles. I would have visited the children at Connecticut Children’s Medical Center and held various activities with them in hopes of making their days a little brighter.

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