Who will be crowned Miss Connecticut or Miss Connecticut’s Outstanding Teen?

B. Ever since I was a young girl I have always desired to become a special education teacher, since my brother is on the Autism Spectrum, and I enjoy helping him and other special needs children as well. In the near future, I definitely see myself working in my special education classroom in a middle school environment. I absolutely adore the children I work with at my middle school, and can certainly see myself with a career where I am able to work with special needs children every day. Also, when I become a teacher, I would like to establish a program where typical children can interact with special needs children. I believe these programs are a true asset to any school, and I would love for my students to be a part of these types of programs, so therefore, they can gain and develop social skills. Also, over the years, I have grown a deep appreciation and passion for writing. Aside from becoming a special education teacher, I would like to write articles about special needs children, ranging from topics such as the positive affect sports have on them, and also educate people about different learning styles that can help special needs children. Quite frankly, any job that involves spending time with children who have disabilities is a job I can see myself doing.

C. She will probably say that I’m very compassionate. I’ve always helped others, and when I do, I feel very happy as well. My best friend may also describe me as very loyal and trustworthy! I’m always there for someone when they need it the most, and anyone can count on me if they ever need assistance. Lastly, my best friend would say that I’m definitely entertaining. Making people laugh is something I truly enjoy, and if they’re laughing, I laugh as well.

Brooke Cyr

Age: 15

Miss Plainville’s Outstanding Teen 2013

Bristol Eastern

High School

A. After my reign as Miss Connecticut’s Outstanding Teen, many lives will be different. They will now see the light of a new day. By spreading the word about teen suicide and depression, I will have made everyone in this state aware of the issue. Those who have suffered in silence will have been heard. Those who are afraid to move on, afraid to face life, afraid to believe or to love again will never have to feel that way. Every 40 seconds in this country, someone commits suicide. By the end of my reign, I hope to slow this rate, and someday, put it to a stop.

B. When I’m 35, I will be married to the love of my life with four lovely children. I will have graduated college after double majoring with degrees in teaching literature, creative writing, and performing arts. I’ll also be working as a face character or a performer in Disney World. I will be the perfect wife and mother and I will do anything to keep my family together. By this time in my life, I’ll be a bestselling author with several novels out and a book of poems I have written throughout my existence. I hope that by then, I’ll have saved many lives through my work with those who self-harm, have an addiction, or have thoughts of suicide. I will hopefully, have made the lives of those people meaningful once again; Bringing them hope and love for the future.

C. I know exactly what my best friends would say. I treasure friendship more than anything. If I do not have my friends, I am nothing. They have carried me through the toughest times in my young life. They would say I always put others before myself. They would also describe me as someone who smiles through the rain; someone who swears I’m fine even during the most terrible heartbreak because I simply do not want to ruin their day. My friends say I am the sweetest person they know. Many admire all the things I have been able to accomplish. They ask me how I am able to do so many things. They would describe me as a hard worker who tries and tries and never gives up. That I love helping out in the community because it is so very rewarding. They will say I spend most of my time dancing with my competition team at Triple Threat Dance Company and how much I love my dance family. My friends would say when I am not dancing you will find me singing with my a capella group. My friends also know how important family is to me. Their love and support means the world to me. The only complaint my friends have is that they wish they could see me more but they understand how committed I am to being the best title holder I can be.

Name: Julie Gianoni

Title: Miss Forestville

Age: 24

School: Graduate of

Sacred Heart University

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