Southington Library to take part in Big Library Read

By Ed Harris



The Southington Library will join over 4,000 over libraries in the first ever Big Library Read.

The Big Library Read begins today and runs through June 1. This event entails the participating libraries reading “Four Corners of the Sky,” by Michael Malone simultaneously via e-readers.

“We choose to join with eBook readers throughout the world because this is a unique an innovative project that will illustrate the power of reading in the 21st century,” said Southington Library Director Sue Smayda. “Malone’s book is also a good choice because it is suitable for adults and young adults.”

According to Smayda, “Four Corners of the Sky” centers on Navy pilot Annie P. Gooode, whose hope to find out the name of her mother from her estranged father turns into a treasure hunt for the “Queen of the Sea” statue.

“It’s a nice read,” Smayda said of the book.

The event will feature an interactive option, where users can discuss the book via social media sites, such as the Southington Library’s Facebook page, and also participate in a live chat with Malone. Twitter users are encouraged to use the hash tag #BigLibraryRead.

The Big Library Read is possible thanks to Malone’s generosity. The author is giving away digital copies of the book for use in the event.

“Normally eBooks are purchased by libraries just like hard cover books, i.e. one copy one reader,” Smayda said. “We would have to purchase thousands and thousands of copies and Malone would be getting royalties. With this model he gets nada.”

To get a copy of the book, residents must go to the library’s homepage and click on the Big Library Read icon, which has a copy of the book cover. Smayda noted that people need to remember that the download is an eBook, so eBook readers, such as iPads, iPhones, Kindles, Nooks, and the like are needed to view the book.

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