Strong students make dog treats

By Rob Glidden

Staff Writer

A group of fifth-grade students at Strong Elementary School have launched their own small business selling homemade dog biscuits.

Their teacher, Lenore Butler, has made it a tradition in her classroom to read “A Dog’s Life,” which tells the story of a canine who lives as a stray for many years before finally finding a home. The kids are usually moved by the novel and Butler came up with a way for them to help homeless dogs in Southington.

“They felt sad for the stray animals so we came up with an idea to give the dogs some bones,” she said.

This idea turned into a successful grant proposal to the Southington Education Foundation, which financed the tools necessary to create a program for the students that can return year after year. The students spent a full morning cutting piles of batter into small bone-shaped biscuits and lining them up in trays before they were cooked in the school’s kitchen.

“We put them in bags and go around the school to get money for the dogs,” said fifth-grader Riley Herrick.

Any students who wanted to take some of the treats home could get four for 25 cents. The money will be used to purchase toys and treats for the animals at the local dog pound.

“[The pound] can’t take money so we have to buy the toys and stuff for them,” said fifth-grader Christina Sargent.

By Rob Glidden Juliet Lyon with a tray full of dog treats.

By Rob Glidden

Juliet Lyon with a tray full of dog treats.

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