SEF spells fundraiser with bee

By Ed Harris

The Southington Education Foundation has its first two time champion as the Bee-lievers from Plantsville Congregational Church won the title for the second time in three years.
“We’re very pleased,” said team member Susan Koenig, after the team was the only remaining team to spell millennium correctly.
Her other team members, Liz Douglas and Linda Lindsay, were extremely happy that they were able to spell asinine correctly this year after the word had knocked them out of the contest last year.
The Bee-lievers had won the inaugural spelling bee three years ago.
Last year’s winners, Totally Dominant Bank Spellers, from TD Bank, fell in their opening round, following a small reprieve. All four remaining teams in their opening round spelt overwrought incorrectly, giving all the teams a second chance.
This year 30 total teams competed, an increase from last year’s inaugural event.
The teams consisted of Board of Education members, community groups, school administrators, beauty queens and members from various Southington High School clubs.
Many of the contestants wore homemade costumes during the competition, something that has become a tradition.
Win or lose, the teams were excited to showcase their spelling prowess as they raised money for the SEF.
“It’s a fun night,” said Stephen Proffitt, a member of Profits for S.E.F, along with Jennifer and Lisa Proffitt. “It’s all for a great cause.”
Dawn Miceli, SEF chairman said the public support for the spelling bee was impressive and that the fundraiser is starting to rival that of the Fan of the Foundation Gala, the SEF’s largest fundraiser.
“We had tremendous community support this year,” Miceli said. “This is really turning into a major fundraiser.”
All of the words used in the spelling bee were gleamed from various online resources.
The SEF was able to raise over $10,000 with the spelling bee.


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