Brumback: Remaining main arteries will be plowed today

Town Manager Garry Brumback recently released an update on the status of snow removal in Southington.

Street widening operations began this morning at 8 a.m. Brumback estimated that there is a remaining 20 percent of main arteries left to be cleaned. He said this work will be completed today.

“We started in the largest subdivisions today to get the most progress in the shortest time,” Brumback said.

Brumback said that crews were instructed to move all refuse containers as they proceed to lessen resident inconvenience.

Crews were also instructed to provide two–way traffic in these areas and to achieve this by making one pass in each direction so that multiple trips can be eliminated thereby lessening resident inconvenience and workload.

Key catch basins in these areas will be located and exposed in the near future to allow for rainfall.

Brumback said that parking lot restoration is in the planning stages for later this week or weekend. This may be affected by forecasted adverse weather.

The requirement to clear sidewalks remains suspended until further notice.

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