Town Manager: Plowing operations will resume at 11:30 a.m.

I wanted to give everybody an update as to our current status and our plans for going forward.  First, all roads in Southington had at least one passable lane as of 10 PM last night.  This morning we began widening main roads.  However, at just before 9 a.m. we diverted plowing to salting and sanding due to the freezing rain. As soon as our streets have been sanded and salted we will resume plowing operations this will be at 11:30 a.m. this morning.


Our priorities at this point are:

(1)     Widening main roads;

(2)     Widening secondary roads;

(3)     Widening subdivision roads.


This will not be done in sequence and oftentimes we will be working on all three at the same time.  However, people can expect their roads in the subdivisions to not be completed until Friday.


We are also evaluating our roofs and facilities to ensure that all are safe.


We will be asking for State assistance on vehicles and equipment to remove snow and will keep people apprised of the State’s response.  The Governor has declared a State of Emergency, and 48 hours of our efforts are 75% reimbursable by FEMA.  These 48 hours are of our choosing.


The State is continuing to widen the Interstate and once they complete that, they will pass on some equipment to municipalities. Next they are focusing on secondary roads but have not begun as of 10:00a this morning.


Bus and rail are operating. CL&P has restored all of their power.  The best news is that Southington never lost their power.


Next update I hope to provide around 2:30 PM this afternoon and will include an update on the status of our schools.


-Town Manager Garry Brumback

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