Highway Department aims to plow at least one lane on each street; Residents asked to report unplowed roads

The Southington Highway Department is still plowing the roadways at this time. The goal is to plow at least one lane on each street to assist with emergency situations. Once this goal is reached, the Highway Department can then focus on opening each street for two way traffic. Below is a list of streets that have not been plowed as of this time but should be open with one lane shortly. Residents are asked to call the Southington Police Department at 860-621-0101 to report only the roads that have not been plowed with an emergency (one) lane . The police will contact the Town Highway garage with the information.


Chapel Hill

Orchard Ln

Turnberry Ct

Wyndcrest Ct

Craig Ave

Washington Dr

Brandywine St

Budding Ridge

Devonshire Dr

Valley Forge

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