Town manager updates on plowing issues

The crews are making slow progress on cutting pathways on all roads.  The Highway Supt is keeping all of the available crews on the road for several more hours with the goal of getting these pathways cut.


Due to the extremely high levels of snow and the rifts associated with them it may be until later this week that the roads are completely plowed.  Once we get the emergency pathways cut we will reconvene to ensure we have a sound strategy to get the road clearing completely and efficiently as possible.


I am encouraging everyone I talk to to keep this storm in perspective…it is the worst storm to hit this area in over 35 years with almost 30 inches of snow and 4-5 foot drifts. The snow plows began pretreating the roads at 4:00a Friday and have run almost nonstop ever since. They are working as hard as humanly possible while keeping an aging fleet operational and being diverted by emergency calls and transporting public safety people to points they can get to work.

Town Manager  Garry Brumback

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