Kennedy School staff to battle on the hardwood

John F. Kennedy Middle School is getting ready to show great school spirit!

Sticking with the Asset Building Classroom, and Southington Town-Wide Initiative to Promote Success (STEPS), the school is having a staff basketball game.

Admission is $1, with proceeds going to the cheerleading team’s uniforms.

This is no ordinary game, and the build up to it has been quite exciting.  For the past two weeks, information has been read over the PA system about each basketball player including facts about them ranging from their own basketball careers to special hobbies and interests.  The students have enjoyed getting to learn about the staff as people beyond the school in a relaxed, fun, and carefree way.

One example is the announcement about the Green Team’s captain and school principal, Mr. Madancy: This player always loved the game of basketball and played Big Time basketball on both his church and junior high team!  After realizing his size made the game tough, he took to other sports through high school and college only to return to his love, and coach at the high school level when beginning his teaching career.  Living his motto: “Those who can’t play, coach.”  He will show off his skills during the game and help to inspire and lead his team to the title!! He is…Mr. Madancy, the left handed, dribbling and shooting machine that simply can’t be stopped.

The White Team captain is Mr. Lefkowitz, one of the physical education teachers.

The staff go head to head on Wednesday, Feb. 3 from 3-4 p.m.

There will be a surprise half-time show, three point shoot-out, minute to win it events and much more.


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