Miss Teen USA gives lessons to stop bullies

Third, Logan said, children should get up and walk away. If you’re not there, said Logan, the bully can’t hurt you.

Fourth, Logan said, children should grab some friends and talk to the bully. The purpose of the friends is not to gang up on the bully but to offer you moral support as you speak your mind.

Finally, Logan said, tell a grown-up, whether it’s a teacher, principal or a parent. “They can handle it much faster than we can… No one can help you if they don’t know.”

Toward the end of the program, Logan asked the children to take her “Bully Proof” pledge. The children recited, “As a student, I pledge to treat others with respect and fairness. I pledge to speak out against bullying and report bullying to an adult. I will help others who are being bullied and support those who are recovering. I pledge to be a good role model for younger students and to help others feel safe and comfortable whenever I can. I will never use violence to solve my issues, instead I will use the ‘Five Tips’ if ever I am being bullied. I pledge to be Bully Proof.”

After the pledge, Logan opened up the assembly to comments. Several of the students used the opportunity to offer their own stories about being bullied. And Logan listened than tried to tie the child’s situation into the tips and to offer them reassurance.

For more information about Logan’s Bully Proof program, go to www.stompingoutbullying.com.

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