Young actress earns TV role

The experience stoked Abigail’s thirst for more opportunities like “Blue Bloods,” said Alina. “The whole way home Abigail kept asking, ‘Mommy, when can we go back and film some more? Can we do it tomorrow… next weekend? Please. It makes me feel super happy inside when I am in front of the camera.”

“She completely forgot that she only had four hours of sleep the night before, that she was just getting over pneumonia, or that she was in the hospital just two days before,” said Alina.

As for what’s next for the 6-year-old, Alina said, “Abigail has a couple of auditions coming up. We can’t talk about the movies as they are in pre-production stage at this time. No major roles are scheduled right now but she’s only 6 and has a lifetime of opportunities in front of her.”

But they are opportunities the family is ready to make happen, said Alina. “It is very hard for her father and I to balance Abigail’s frequent trips to NYC or Boston, dancing lessons, religion classes, since our schedules are so hectic. We both work full-time and go to school part-time. We are very thankful for Abigail’s grandparents who help a whole lot as well as her brother, Paul who is a college student himself, also takes his time to babysit and make sure her homework is done and her books are read on the days I am at school and her dad’s at work.”

“But it seems like it is going to get a lot crazier,” said Alina.

And, Alina said, her daughter sees nothing but great success ahead of her. “Abigail believes that someday she will become a fashionista movie star.” airs full episodes of “Blue Bloods” on-line so if you missed “Front Page News” when it aired Jan. 11, you can catch it at the network’s website.

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