Warm up expected then here comes the brutal cold

During this weekend into week three of January, multiple waves of cold air will punch through the Rockies, Plains and Midwest. The waves will bring progressively colder and colder conditions.

According to Long Range Weather Expert Paul Pastelok, “When you compare temperatures during the height of the warmup with the core of the arctic air that follows, some locations may have a difference of 40 degrees more.”

This is why AccuWeather.com is referring to the weather later in January as “brutal cold.”

In the East, and especially the Southeast, the progression of cold will be delayed by multiple storm systems riding northeastward from the Gulf of Mexico and an area of high pressure trying to hang on until the very last.

The arctic cold is still forecast by AccuWeather.com’s Long Range experts to break through to the Atlantic coast near or following the third weekend of January, provided one of the storms becomes strong enough to break down the high pressure area and draw the cold air in its wake.


Alex Sosnowski, Expert Senior Meteorologist for AccuWeather.com

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