Letter of intent; Moquin signs with Mercy College

By John Goralski
Sports Writer

Jordyn Moquin smiled as she gripped the pen and began scrawling her signature across the pages of the contract. Her family and friends lined the wall of the conference room, and a look of relief washed across her parents’ faces.
With a flick of her pen, Moquin secured her dreams of playing at the next level. Next year, she’ll pitch for Mercy College in Dobbs Ferry, NY. More importantly, she is one of only 40 students accepted into their business honors program.
“It’s been so much stress over four years. To finally reach my goal is such a big accomplishment,” said Moquin. “I’m so glad it’s finally settled. I know that all my friends are still worried about where they’re going to go, but I’m all set.”
Over the past few months, Moquin has been deluged by coaches from Roger Williams University, Molloy College in Long Island, Stonehill College near Boston, and Stevens Institute of Technology. They were all interested in the pitching arm that has already compiled a 26-3 record and a 0.42 ERA in three years as a Lady Knight. They showed interest in her .372 batting average and the success of all her teams.
It’s one of the benefits to being a premier high school athlete. It opens doors at the next level.
“It was a long process. They showed interest in me all summer, but after I had an overnight visit, I really thought it was a perfect fit for me,” she said. “It’s somewhere that I can really see myself going.”
Moquin is the second Lady Knight player to commit to college athletics and she’s the next in a long line of Southington pitchers to be wooed by college coaches.
“We’re obviously doing something right. Kids want to come here and play here. They want to exceed and excel because they all want to get to the next level. Jordyn is proof of the pudding,” said Lady Knight softball coach John Bores. “This is a really proud moment, and I couldn’t be happier for her. She worked so hard over the last three years. A lot of people think that a two-sport or three-sport athlete is just three or four months and you go on to something else. She works 12 months per year. She takes pitching lessons, hitting lessons, for 52 weeks per year.”
Bores said that coaches liked Moquin’s pitching abilities, her ability to throw strikes, and her composure and leadership on the mound.
“She’s very athletic, and she’s a pitcher that throws strikes,” he said. “When you have a pitcher that throws strikes, it puts the ball in play and keeps the defense on their toes. She can hit the ball, too.”
Moquin is the second Lady Knight to commit to a college program. Lady Knight catcher Rachel Harvey committed to the University of Maine last week. Four Southington baseball players have already signed letters to play at the next level, and Bores said that they won’t be the last.
As a high school coach, Bores likened a college signing to winning a state title.
“This is just as good. I like to see the kids grow up and how successful they become. Some of my proudest moments is having a kid graduate and coming back as doctors or accountants or all kinds of things. It’s unbelievable,” he said. “It doesn’t necessarily have to be division one. When I see kids continue with a college career—whether it’s division three, division two, or division one—it’s something for other kids to aspire to.”
And that begs the ultimate question: Who’s going to be next?
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By John Goralski
Lady Knight ace Jordyn Moquin signs a letter of intent to play at Mercy College next year.

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