Theater production to help fund a new boiler

By Rob Glidden
Staff Writer

Southington Community Theater is presenting “Score” this Saturday evening, a variety show meant to entertain guests and raise money to help the group.
The community theater group is run entirely by volunteers and has been active in Southington for decades. Their rehearsals are in the Marion firehouse, an antique building on Marion Avenue with a boiler that is beginning to fail.
“It’s a very old building and we’ve noticed that it has been getting colder and colder,” said co-director Amanda Savio Guay. “The boiler needs to be replaced and this is one way to help raise money.”
The cost of a new boiler is expected to be high and the directors know that the proceeds from one performance, even a highly popular one, won’t be enough on their own. They hope to take advantage of potential grants and private donations to make up the rest. The day after the fundraiser, the group will begin auditions for the musical “Li’l Abner” and rehearsal during the winter months could be very unpleasant with the current boiler.
“We usually perform at the schools, but we can’t be at the schools all the time so we need our own rehearsal space,” said co-director Chris Palmieri. “That boiler is not energy or fuel efficient at all and we’ve seen escalating heating costs over the years.”
The show itself features a wide variety of different acts, including bands, dancing, comedy and dramatic monologues. A total of 29 acts are expected to perform.
“We call it ‘Score’ because most of the acts are linked to music,” Palmieri said. “It’s a great way to showcase local talent.”
“Score: A Musical Showcase” will be performed at DePaolo Middle School on Saturday, December 1 at 7:30 pm. Tickets are $7 in advance and $10 at the door. Advance tickets can be purchased at Just For You Country Gifts on Meriden-Waterbury Road and The Music Shop on Queen Street.

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