Festival nets over $12,000; Volunteers credited with Apple Harvest success

By Rob Glidden
Staff Writer

This year’s Apple Harvest Festival made a profit of over $12,000, according to preliminary financial reports presented to the Town Council Monday night.
The detailed breakdown was presented by Councilor Chris Palmieri, who is also the head of the festival’s supervisory committee. He stressed that there was still some updated information coming in, but it’s unlikely that the end result would see a major change.
“This is symbolic of the hard work of countless volunteers,” he said. “We’re proud to say this was put on at no cost to the town and we even made a profit.”
The festival organizers had budgeted $216,650 in expenses and expected $224,900 in revenue, which would have ended with an $8,250 profit. The final numbers were $212,049 in revenue and $199,929 in expenses, with a profit of $12,120.
The heavy rain on the first Friday of the festival, which ultimately canceled the first day of activities, was cited as the major reason the numbers were different. Losing the first day had a major impact on the beverage sales – organizers expected $39,500 worth of revenue and instead took in $26,343. However, the rain also reduced many of the costs of running the festival. The largest expense, overtime pay for police officers working for two weekends, was expected to cost $50,000 and instead cost $44,484.
The rest of the council was pleased with the numbers.
“The net profit was above even what you budgeted, so I think that’s another feather in your cap,” said Town Councilor Dr. Stephanie Urillo.
Later in the meeting, the council voted to award Jim Champagne the job of festival coordinator for another year. Melissa Ericksen was also selected to the position of Sponsorship Coordinator for an additional year.
These two positions are the only paid staff associated with the festival.

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