The prodigal pageant queen returns home

Since Logan West was crowned as Miss Teen USA, she hasn’t exactly been absent from her home in Southington, Conn.
The college freshman, and now national title holder in the Miss Universe organization, has visited with her mother Patricia and Sydney several times since she won the crown in July. But these were private moments.
However, this weekend, Logan returned to Connecticut. And this time she put on her crown and made a slew of official appearances as the 2012 Miss Teen USA.
One of the events on the weekend was a Meet and Greet at the Aqua Turf in the Plantsville section of Southington early Saturday morning. Logan arrived on her home turf and found herself constantly surrounded by young women and girls (and a few moms and grandmas) who wanted a chance to have their photographs taken with the new national celebrity, get her autograph, and share a few words. Some of them even took their turn in line, met with Logan, and got back on line to meet with her twice and thrice.
It was also a chance to meet well as many of the people from the area who have given her support through the years as she worked her way from Miss Southington’s Outstanding Teen, to Miss Connecticut’s Outstanding Teen, to Miss Connecticut Teen USA, and finally Miss Teen USA.
Logan also received proclamations from the State of Connecticut—presented by state Senator Joseph Markley and state Representative Rob Sampson—and a proclamation from the town of Southington, presented by council vice chair, Peter Romano, and Southington town manager, Gerry Brumback.
In a few words to the crowd, Logan said, “Everyone’s support got me where I am today. I heard a lot of cannots, cannots, cannots. But you all told me I can… Thank you.”
Logan took a brief moment between her interaction with fans to talk about what’s been going on in her life these days.
Observer: What have you been doing in New York since you won the crown?
Logan: It’s been a whirlwind. At the start, it was the media tour. Everyone was trying to figure out who the new Miss Teen USA is. Then I started college, that was an adjustment. I’ve really been trying to manage trying to be Miss Teen USA and a college student at the same time. With appearances, like Fashion Week. It was hectic. But it was the best thing ever.
O: I saw you…
L: I heard you were there.
O: I was at the same show you were at.
L: Are you serious? That’s such a shame (we didn’t connect). Which one was that?
O: The Academy of Art University (at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week at Lincoln Center).
L: That was the first one I was at. It was so cool.
O: At one of the shows, I saw you actually got to sit with the Donald (Trump, the owner of the Miss Universe Organization, which oversees Miss Teen USA). Which show was that?
L: (Pageant and prom dress designer) Sherrie Hill. And then we had a couple of events with him as well.
O: What’s he like?
L: He’s actually very nice. Because the only Donald Trump I knew was from “Celebrity Apprentice” (where he says) “You’re fired,” I was expecting something way different than I got. He’s actually a very kind-hearted man. He actually cares for the three of us (Logan, Miss USA Olivia Culpo, and Miss Universe Leila Lopes). So it’s awesome.
O: Which media event left you in the biggest whirlwind?
L: Hmmmm… I think Fashion Week was the biggest one of all of them. Pretty much because it was a reality check for me that this was really happening because I was sitting across from celebrities I saw on TV and I was on the front row at Fashion Week sitting next to famous people.
O: Yes, the front row really puts you among the crème da le crème. It puts you at the pinnacle of the fashion universe.
L: Yes. I loved it.
O: When you had to pick out your clothing for fashion week…
L: …I didn’t pick it out. I have a stylist who picked it out. And we usually wore something from the designer at the show we were in.
O: That must have been exciting.
L: Very exciting. So exciting…I’m not that fashionable in the sense that most people are. As far as color coordinating and what’s in and what’s not, I’m really basic. So to have real fancy designer clothes on, that was really awesome.
O: Are you living in Trump Towers?
L: No, I dorm in Brooklyn Heights. Then the three of us (Miss Teen USA, Miss USA, and Miss Universe) have an apartment in Manhattan, which is across the street from the office (of the Trump organization).
O: Let’s reflect a little further back to those final moments of the (Miss Teen USA pageant back in July), what was going through your head?
L: I was in a state of shock. When it came down to the finals, I was going, “I can’t believe this is really happening.” I think I was crying from the excitement and happiness and shock all at the same time because I really wasn’t expecting to make it that far.
O: How does it feel to come back and see this whole line up of people waiting to see you in your hometown?
L: It’s so weird. I travel with security. I’m just Logan, little old me. How is this possible? But it’s really nice. And the support of everyone is what got me here. I’ve got to love it.
O: And you get to do the Apple Harvest Festival parade (in Southington Sunday)?
L: If it doesn’t get rained out. I’m excited for apple fritters. That’s my highlight.
O: You’ll have to send someone out to get you some advance ones
L: Maybe I can cut the line (laughs), we’ll see how that goes.

By Mike Chaiken
Connecticut’s Logan West, the reigning Miss Teen USA, center, receives a proclamation from the Town of Southington, which was presented to her Saturday by council vice chair Peter Romano, left, and Southington Town Manager Gerry Brumback.

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