Perfection; Tracy Ciosek-Beloin never lost as a Lady Knight ace

“You can’t say that I was a great pitcher, and I have the stats to prove it. You have to have a good team around you,” she said. “If routine balls aren’t caught and routine ground balls are not fielded and you can’t score runs, you aren’t going to win. No matter how good the pitcher is. You can’t strike everybody out, and you can’t do it with one person. It takes a team. That’s what Southington softball is all about. It was never about just one person.”

Still, she was an easy choice for the selection committee as they compiled the list of athletes for the 2012 Southington Sports Hall of Fame. She will be inducted during a ceremony at the Aqua Turf on Thursday, Nov. 8. For tickets, contact Jim Verderame, (860) 628-7335.

“It’s exciting to know that, of all the people that have gone through Southington sports, I have been selected,” she said. “Southington’s always been such a big sports town. It was a great place to grow up and a great place to play sports. It was such a supportive town, and you don’t get that everywhere. I’m very appreciative and I’m very excited.”

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